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Billionaire's Barbershop Midtown  is proud to offer the latest in haircut trends as well as timeless, traditional services.

To really understand what Billionaire’s is all about, becoming a Member is the way to go. 

Unlimited services and monthly billing simplify everything (nobody likes to be nickel-and-dimed). 


Our highly trained and experienced barbers will give you a thorough consultation before your service starts to ensure that your signature haircut is tailored to you. During the haircut you will enjoy a complimentary beverage and wholesome conversation with fellow members. Your hair and scalp will be cleansed, prepared and invigorated using our exclusive haircare lines. You will receive a shampoo, conditioning treatment, scalp massage, and a hot towel during your service to provide you with ultimate relaxation. Your barber will style your hair and show you how to achieve the same results at home to ensure that you are 100% satisfied.

Premium Grooming

Billionaire's Grooming

Classic Shave

Women's Precision Grooming

Women's Neckline Taper

Billionaire's Baldy

HD Hairline

HD Beard Trim


Customize your Billionaire's Barbershop experience with premium extras.

Beard Trim | Relaxing Hot Towel | Scalp Treatment| Eyebrow Grooming | Toppik Enhancement | Hollywood Kiss | Hollywood Hairline | Hollywood Full | Classic Shave | Facial Waxing | Cleansing Facial | Billionaire's Facial | Ingrown Hair Treatment | Hair Tattoo

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