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Safety Measures In Your Barber Shop

Does your barber shop Raleigh follow the necessary health and safety precautions in their premises? In fact are they even aware of them in the first place? Ask yourself too, if you are aware that any such guidelines are in place? Does your hair stylist know how to keep their clients safe and protected from all kinds of contaminants and debris that get accumulated on their equipment? Do they take necessary measures to keep their premises clean and germ free? Ask your local barber shop Raleigh NC owner whether or not he is aware of all the physical plant sanitary requirements that should be in place to practice clean and safe hair styling and grooming.

He should know that:

· His buildings and/or quarters or shop/work area must be kept clean at all times

· They should also be well painted and adequately ventilated

· No sign of any water seepage should be there

· Ample lighting is essential

· Floors have to be maintained and they should be either properly tiled or covered with linoleum

· When it comes to the comfort of their clients they cannot ignore barber chairs which should always be in sound mechanical condition. Their backs and seats should always be covered with water and dust proof, non porous upholstery.

· Placement of the chairs is also important. Your barber shop Raleigh owner must ensure that they are placed center to center, with each chair occupying a minimum of 35 square feet of floor space.

Your Barber Shop Raleigh NC Must Also Practice Strict Sanitary Precautions For Their Equipment

· A minimum of one wet sterilizer is essential

· At least one dry cabinet sterilizer for barber chairs is required

· At least one mirror of not less than 30 inches in diameter for each chair

· Every two chairs could share one lavatory

· At least 4 brushes per barber chair are a must and they should be cleaned and sterilized after every use

General Cleaning Practices For Barber Shops

· Needless to mention your barber shop Raleigh NC owner should make it a point to clean their chairs, floors and walls, and windows, doors and cabinets and shelves.

· They should keep a thick cotton cloth to wipe their chairs with each day.

· Lavatories need to be scoured frequently everyday and only a strong and disinfecting detergent should be used for the purpose.

Sterilization Of The Following Tools And Equipment Is Very Important:

· Scissors

· Tweezers

· Needles

· Pluckers

· Blackheads removal tools

This doesn’t end here. There is a long list of several other things as well that your local barber shop Raleigh NC would need to do to maintain your safety at all times.

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